Project Description

House Expansion & Finishing Basement Huntington, Long Island, NY

Added 900 sq.ft. to an existing 900 sq.ft. ranch. Changed a typical ranch with a detached single bay garage into a completely new house.

The challenges were many: 1- Front door was hidden under a small roofed porch and it opened directly into the living room tracking dirt onto the carpeting, and no foyer to keep the cold out, it also did not allow nice furniture arrangement. 2- Poor circulation, no corridor to connect front door to kitchen and to the rest of the house. You had to walk thru living room to go to kitchen, 3- Side entry into a dining area which used to be an open porch, 4- Lack of breezeway, 5- Garage was too small and inadequate for today’s cars, 6- Small bedrooms, 7- Main bathroom layout was inefficient, not enough space between toilet and tub, linen cabinet that took up too much space, 8- Not enough closets.

Design Achievements: 1- Enlarged garage from front; back of garage became a den, raised its roof line, and built new roof structure, 2- Attached garage to the house by building an addition, this allowed creation of a family room. 3- Created a foyer which takes you to a central area, a focal point that directly leads you into different parts of the house. 4- Former living room is now a more defined space, removal of old front door allowed for nice interior design, now sits a piano where front door used to be, 5- The creation of a beautiful front porch enabled me to add an east-facing window which allowed the morning sun light to pour and made the stone walls, off in the distance look like mountains as the bright sunshine shone down on them.

New Façade: Homeowner wanted a whole new look, facade, for their house without disturbing ceiling and roof structure with minimum cost. We achieved this in number of ways: 1- Created a dummy gable roof above existing bay window, 2- Installed copper roof over bay window, 3- Raised main house roof lines. 4- Moved main entrance door to a more pronounced location with a larger roofed porch, 5- Exterior walls got a new look by removing old siding and installing stucco and 4” thick stone veneer at lower half, we picked a manufactured stone which had the natural look of a real stone but was light weight, easy to install and did not require building a foundation, hence reducing cost. Real stone is heavy and needs foundation, 6- Copper gutters and leaders, and window trims were another design choices which completed the house makeover. 7- Exterior lighting brought life to the house at night. 8- Driveway was widened, installed stone curbs, and new landscaping.
“After a long day at work, the welcome your house gives you is as important as the crown moulding in the living room, the backsplash in the kitchen – to the facade and roof.”

New Master Bedroom Suite: one of the small bedrooms was enlarged, added contemporary bathroom with shower stall, walk-in closets.

Kitchen Renovation Ongoing: new large kitchen, raised ceiling at the center created openness, new fixed and operable corner windows allows view of rear yard from the sink.

Bathroom Remodeling: Redesigned main bathroom: almond color fixtures, dark green porcelain tiles and stylish cast iron lavatory.

Finished Basement, separated boiler area from rest of the basement, created laundry room, small dark bathroom was made larger and new; added shower: almond color fixtures with cream porcelain tiles and decorative limestone borders.